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Pool Information

Stratum Server (Classic)

Stratum Server (Mask Implementation)

Pool Fee

Currently, there are no fees on HNSPool

Minimum Payout

The minimum payout is 5 HNS

Payout Duration

Assuming you meet the minimum threshold above, payouts cycle automatically every 5 minutes


A single mining client often times referred to as a 'rig'

Unconfirmed vs Confirmed Balance

When a block is found, your mining reward is considered unconfirmed. This means the reward will be released or spendable after the required amount of block confirmations (100). Once each reward meets the confirmation requirement the reward will be moved to your confirmed balance. At this point your confirmed balance is considered spendable and subject to payouts assuming you meet the 5 HNS minimum payout requirement

All Time Payout

Your all time payout balance is the total amount of HNS we have paid out to the wallet address listed in your account settings