Search an Address

Using Handshake

Name Auctions

In order to execute these commands, you must have an HSD full node running and hs-client installed. Check out the documentation here to get a full node up and running

Getting A Name's Status

hsd-cli rpc getnameinfo [name_to_look_up]

This should be used periodically throughout the bid process to determine the status of a name, bids, and reveals for a name

Opening Names

$ hsw-cli rpc sendopen [name_to_open]

Bidding On Names

$ hsw-cli rpc sendbid [name_to_bid_on] [actual_bid] [lockup_value]

Your actual bid is the amount you are willing to pay for the name. The lockup value is the number the public will see as your bid. The difference is referred to as the 'mask'

Revealing Bids

$ hsw-cli rpc sendreveal [the_name_you_bid_on]

This should be done during a name's reveal state. If you fail to reveal your bid, regardless of winning or not, your HNS will be burned and you will not get it back

Reclaiming HNS After Losing

$ hsw-cli rpc sendredeem [the_name_you_bid_on]

This is an important step to getting your HNS back when the lockup period has ended

Register / Update Names

$ hsw-cli rpc sendupdate [the_name_you_won]
// Adding DNS records requires the following line as well
'{"records": [{"type": "[GLUE4]", "ns": "ns1.handshake.", "address": ""}]}'

Renewing Names

$ hsw-cli rpc sendrenewal [the_name_you_own]

If you do not renew your name it will go back into auction